We'd attach some importance to the final thing you say or do, like you really saw it coming. But in this case, it is not a kindly deed or a pleasant thought - just a mix of pain and terror. So we'll just focus on that scene like the others didn't mean anything or fade to black just like the last.

We wonder - who did it this time?

On a slab in pathology, sliced up weighing Everything seems to be in order here. Except the tearful woman who we can't allow inside the room to say goodbye to you this last time.

We wonder - who did it this time?


What went wrong in this guy's head that made him turn to this? Broken skull, torn up skirt, all that blood.. what would it take to get you here?

That's kind of sick. Don't talk like that. Just take me through what you have found.

Sorry we've got nothing good here. No weapon yet, no forced entry, except...

Neighbor found her on the way out today. He's down the hall, saw her door was ajar. Said she worked at a club, didn't know her much at all. Lived alone as far as he could tell.

M.E. says the time of death was 3 AM. Forensics thinks the blood is probably hers. Found a phone and some notes from a boyfriend or someone - place was empty except for those.

Let's see that phone. I don't know about this world. Who could sleep through a violent death next door?


We were waiting a while for you to get back to me. There's no one upstairs who believes it but I wanted to see. You were right this time. You were needed here. There's no one else who can do it like you can - Is that what you wanted to hear?

But you won't say why you would leave now. We were making off like thieves on your account

You won't tell us why you're going. You won't tell us anything. You're wasting my time. If you turn your back, I will make you sorry that you ever darkened my door.

Because no one gets you like I do. And no one needs you like we do. No one can have you, anyway. No one cares about you here.


All my life, I've been waiting for a girl like you. Someone nice enough to put up with my shit. Never came to much driving the same route every day, but I knew when I saw you that we were meant to be.

No one sees you the way I do, at the moment when you open the door. We just get one chance in a lifetime. We should all know how lucky we are. Can't you see? It seems nice enough to me. I've waited so long... what are you waiting for?

I can't wait to see the life that you could share with me. I know it would be good if you would just give me a shot. I can see the look in your eyes now. I think it's premature, just a disguise. Let me in. Let me do what I'm best at for once. For you.

No one sees me the way you do, by the window and the curtains at dark. I could be the man of your dreams now. I could do it, I know, for you. Because you deserve it.


Last time I saw her, she didn't seem any different to me. Nothing new, nothing strange, no one who was after her any more than we all get once in a while. She wasn't much of the girlfriend type, but she had her share of admirers.. if you could call them that. Go on, ask around if you please

Last time I saw her, she needed help getting rid of this creep. Drove a truck, delivered in her neighborhood, saw her once and never could leave her alone. I told her that I couldn't help right away. I had some day work that kept me busy then. He used to come around here. Never went inside, just stand outside the door and talk about her eyes.

Last time I spoke to her, oh god.. I didn't know she was really gone, like that. Yeah it was me on the machine. I only thought she'd gone off like all the rest - a little bit too soon for her own good. No, I don't know anyone who would want her dead.


Caught this one breaking into the scene. Tore through the place like he was after something. I'm thinking from this joker's getup, he might be behind the letters.

You think I killed her? Shows what you know

Can you tell us what you mean by that? And tell me why I shouldn't charge you with obstruction?

You don't know shit about my angel. She was working for you devils. I heard them through the door, said the club was just a front. What she knew was enough for them to want her dead.

You just have to trust that I'm on your side. Tell us who she was talking to and what they said. We'll make them pay.


After I talked to the sarge, filed our witnesses report. I hear our driver's turned up dead and they're calling it an accident. And then I get a call from the head of major crimes unit. Said I "had to stop."

What do you think I did next? Poked my nose into this mess. Got a friend in MCU. Said the club is on their list of the places they suspect as fronts for human trafficking. Said their informant's been off the radar since our vic was found.

If you think for a moment that we're gonna give this up, then you don't know us at all. I'm headed down to the club now. I'll let you know what I find out.


"Wait here."

You don't need me anymore. Think I'd stay clear, knowing what I do?

"No you don't understand, I got the file for you. Your vic was on a quest to find her father, but I found him first. See I worked on her case a dozen years ago. She remembered me and sought my help. By that time I transferred over to major crimes and got word of the horror he'd begun. So I sent her to work as a CI there. I'd get my intel and she'd meet her father. Last I heard, she wanted out and had something big but I never found out what."

You're telling me the man we met was that girl's father and he never said a word? And the mother never had a clue that the girl was here with him?

"It's forensics. They're saying it's not all her blood. The type matched but the DNA says it's not her. It could be a relative, what do you think about that?"

We've wasted too much time in here. I'll fill you in on the way here. I should have asked more about him. What kind of man could do this?


What a shock, what a turn, what a twist that you two found your man here at the end. You know I didn't mind much at all, the girl I love died many years ago.

Don't act like you don't know. And place your weapons on the floor. Say what you will but she deserved what she got for her disgrace.

Not a word, not a call, not a card ever reached her, but still I had to pay. Then she applies for a job thinking I wouldn't recognize her face. But all that I saw was the woman who took everything I had. And the daughter torn from my arms had become a whore like her. She was my girl, and you took her away from me.

But I don't care, now this club is my life and I know that's what I have to do. You see all of these girls? Now they're mine and I will be the father they were not allowed.

We wonder who, but it was you, your kind took this all from me. I wonder who will mourn you, who will miss you when you're gone.


Thank you for listening.

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Whodunit was written and performed by Tim Sookram, Tim Wall and Juan Pablo Acierno.

It was recorded by us at Ample Storage on Garrett Road in Durham, North Carolina, mixed by Matt Mitchell at Studio Treehouse in Durham, North Carolina and mastered by Gerry King at Skylab Studios in Gainesville, Florida. Mike Manomivibul created the cover artwork.